Free inspection before booking your vehicle in.

:: Type 1 – Beetle
Front lowered beam fitted £400.00
Sway-a-Way adjusters fitted to existing beam £120.00
Rear lowering £220.00
Drop spindles fitted, drive in drive out – labour only £240.00
:: Type 2 – Camper Van
Bay Window one day lowering service
(This service is the cheapest way if you want to lower your bus anything from 2 to 6 inches)Over the last 21 years of experience I have built up with Air Cooled VW’s, I am offering a refined service that cannot be beaten on price anywhere.
My method is to modify your front axle without removing it and set the ride height accurately without the axle having to be removed.
This eliminates the cost of adjusters, BUT – please be certain of your desired ride height as when its set, the beam cannot be easily adjusted again.Please call us for your requirements and current price on this method. £POA

Please be aware if you think you will need to raise and lower your van yourself then I suggest you install an adjuster kit.

Using the same basic principle as you would when running adjusters by turning the internal torsion leave block within the front axle until the desired height is archived, but once ride height is set we weld the block back into place rather than using a serrated clamp/beam adjuster. Of course should you wish for some adjustment, beam adjusters can be fitted for an additional fee.

The rear end is lowered by turning the rear spring plates on the splines until the desired height is achieved. For very very low vans the spring plates will need to be machined this will also cost additional fee.

For very low vans I recommend the use of gas shocks, or Gaz Adjustable on the front end. These can be ordered to suit your vans ride height perfectly. If you wish to go more than a couple of inches lower than standard I would suggest that the standard tyres are changed for some with a lower profile/side wall to obtain better tyre to arch clearance. This will give you that classic cal look stance, and these can be supplied and fitted by us. It is worth discussing in advance when booking in for the work. I have many pictures of past buses lowered in this way and you can choose your desired ride height when you arrive.

For more information and to discuss a project, contact us

Separate Type 2 lowering costs:

Rear lowering only £220.00
Front lowering, fully adjustable – inc. machining and welding adjuster kit in front beam
(This is alot more work than above, but allows you to have a fully adjustable vehicle)
:: Type 3 – Ghia
Front Lowering £240.00
Rear Lowering £220.00
:: Porsche
Please contact us with your model and year £ POA