Prices are for a full service including all consumables (engine oil, brake fluid, points, etc) also a visual health check
Type 1 – Beetle £240.00
Type 2 – Camper £240.00
Type 3  – Ghia £240.00
Porsche POA
Fiat 500 & 600 POA
Citroen 2CV POA
Twin Carb Set up and balance from £50.00
Engine only service £140.00
Exhaust fitting from £110.00

This is a more thorough inspection than an M.O.T. We check every detail of your vehicle from loose trim to corroded brake pipes.
We then give you a copy, advising you what should be done and when, so you can repair the bits you want and we’ll handle the bits you get scared of!

:: PLEASE NOTE :: Prices subject to requirements – please contact us for more details.